Italcosmetici Obtains Halal Certification from World Halal Authority


Opening Up to New Markets and Higher Quality in Color Cosmetics.

We are delighted to announce that Italcosmetici has recently secured Halal certification from the World Halal Authority (WHA), establishing us as one of the few Italian manufacturers of Color Cosmetics who have obtained this prestigious recognition from an organization with the highest number of global accreditations.

Halal certification, synonymous with compliance with Islamic standards, underscores our ongoing commitment to providing products that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse consumer base.

Obtaining Halal certification represents a further step in our mission to meet the most specific needs of consumers while maintaining high standards and quality in our products. Halal certification stands for transparency and respect for cultural values, and we are pleased to offer consumers who adhere to these regulations a range of Color Cosmetics that meet the highest Halal standards.
With this certification, Italcosmetici stands at the forefront of the industry, addressing the growing demand for Halal products in global markets.

We are sure this certification will empower us to access new markets and continue to be a leader in the Color Cosmetics industry, meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse and conscious customer base. To learn more about how Italcosmetici is redefining standards in the world of makeup, we invite you to further explore our commitment to innovation and quality

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