Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow: shortlisted by Beautystreams at Cosmo Trends 2021!

Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow at Cosmo Trends 2021

Selected by Beautystreams at Cosmo Trends 2021!

Italcosmetici is proud to announce that its Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow has been recognized by Beautystreams as the top product in the NEXT-LEVEL IMMUNITY category at Cosmo Trends 2021. This cutting-edge eyeshadow is thought not only to glamorize, but also to strengthen the immune system, embodying the most innovative trend of the year. 

The Dreamy Wash Eyeshadow stands out for its vegan and clean formula, composed of up to 100% natural origin ingredients. It offers the same performance and long-lasting effect as a traditional synthetic solvent-based product. Its creamy texture ensures an excellent payoff and the variety of intense colors let you break free from normality and find lightness and energy in the details of daily makeup.
What makes our Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow truly unique is its enriched formula with many active ingredients, including anti-blue light, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and  highly moisturizing oils. In addition to providing an irresistible look, this eyeshadow turns into a true eyelid treatment, offering dedicated cure in every application. 

Who wish to discover more about the Immunity trend of the Dreamy Wash Eyeshadow, feel free to contact us at or through the website form.

*Italcosmetici promotes transparency and the percentage of natural origin ingredients complies with ISO 16128, varying according to the colors available in the collection.

Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow: shortlisted by Beautystreams at Cosmo Trends 2021

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