Man Foundation: the inclusive foundation awarded at MakeUp Paris 2019

italcosmetici al MakeUp Paris 2019

Italcosmetici is pleased to announce the triumph of its Man Foundation at MakeUp Paris 2019, where this extraordinary invention won the first prize in the FORMULAS category at the Carousel du Louvre. This inclusive foundation has been thought for all those men who wishes to take care of their appearance in a natural way. 

Italcosmetici’s Man Foundation features a fast-absorbing gel texture enriched with micro-encapsulated pigments that release a light veil of color. This not only evens out the skin tone, but also gives the skin a visibly smoother and brighter appearance. The innovative formula adapts to a variety of men’s skin tones, ensuring a flawless natural result.

What makes the Man Foundation so special?

Its composition that is enriched with various active ingredients, including hops, licorice, red algae extract, French rose, panthenol and menthol. These components work together to reduce skin oiliness, providing a long-lasting matte effect. Moreover, menthol provides a pleasant feeling of freshness during application.

manFoundation italcosmetici

The award at MakeUp in Paris 2019 proves the Man Foundation’s excellence in the formula category. This inclusive foundation represents a significative step forward in the beauty industry, emphasizing Italcosmetici’s commitment to offering innovative products that meet the diverse men customers’ requirements. 

To learn more about Italcosmetici’s range of products, feel free to contact us at or through the website form. Stay tuned to be updated on our next steps in the world of beauty with Italcosmetici.

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