Italcosmetici is technology: 7 people in charge of activities of research, development and control, 5 of them are women. The average age is 40 years old, while the company’s average seniority is 12 years. 3 are graduates, while 2 are technical high school graduates. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced machineries available on today’s market (centrifuges, viscometers, colorimeters, conductivity meters, agitators, penetrometer, turbo-emulsifier….) and allows us to engage in the full formulation cycle, from formula to pilot production. The laboratory carries directly or outsources at least 10 standard analyses on production. When developing new products, all the analyses on the chemical-physical features, microbiological analyses, search for heavy metals and duration tests, are assigned to external laboratories in order to obtain independent certifications. In 35 years of activity, the company’s R&D has produced around 150 texture bases in over 3.000 shades. In recent years we have been more assertive in finding solutions increasingly based on natural raw materials as well as on active ingredients. The lab is able to develop new formulas according to the client’s needs, as well as reproducing solutions already on the market. Every year we manage several projects, based on clients’ requests. Despite the recent dimensional growth and the increase in volumes of activity, the technical expertise and creativity of Italcosmetici maintains the ability to develop personalized solutions for each one of its clients.