Italcosmetici offers its clients the possibility to buy the following products in bulk:

  • Lipstick paste, MOQ 10 kg
  • Mascara, MOQ 50 kg black 30 kg coloured
  • Eyeliner, MOQ 30 kg
  • Eyeshadows, MOQ 10 kg
  • Blush, powders and bronzers, MOQ 25 kg
  • Powder balls, MOQ 30 kg mono-coloured 100 kg multi-coloured cocktail
  • Foundation, MOQ 50 kg
  • Cream concealer, MOQ 30 kg
  • Lipgloss, MOQ 10, 25 or 30 kg
  • Liquid lipstick, MOQ 10, 20 or 30 kg

The lipstick paste is packaged in blocks weighing 10 kg each.

Mascarais packaged in plastic barrels weighing 20 to 25 kg each.

Powders are packaged in plastic bags and placed in cardboard boxes weighing 8 to 13 kg.

The delivery of the product generally takes place at our plant. Despite the recent dimensional growth and the increase in volumes of activity, the productive and logistical capacity of Italcosmetici maintains the ability to develop personalized solutions for each one of its clients.