Alberto (Chief Executive Officer), Alessandra (Sales& Customer Care), Alessandro (Logistics), Ambrogio (Logistic Manager), Angelo (Chief R&D Officer), Anna (Filling & Packaging), Annamaria (Quality Control), Annunziata (Filling & Packing), Calogero (Emulsions), Claudia (Quality Control), Cosimo (Production Manager), Daniela (Chief Sales& Customer Care Officer), Daniela (Sales & New Projects), Elena (PurchasingDepartment), Elena (Finance & Control), Emanuele (Emulsions), Emilia (Filling & Packing), Enzo (Powders), Giovanni (Powders), Giuditta (Filling & Packing), Giuseppe (Chairman), Gloria (Purchasing Department), Loredana (Filling & Packing), Luca (Warehouse), Luigina (R&D), Maria Chiara (Sales& Customer Care), Maria Luisa (Filling & Packing), Marina (Administration), Michela (Filling & Packing), Michele (polveri), Paola (r&s), Raffaele (Powders), Rosa (Powders), Rosario (R&D), Sabrina (R&D), Venere (Products’ Samples Library), Viviana (R&D).

Italcosmetici is people: 35 employees, 23 of whom are women. Women hold the responsibility of 3 out of 6 departments. The company’s average seniority is 10 years. 6 graduates and 15 high school graduates. In the past 5 years our employees have attended +100 hours of training on technical, commercial, security and quality matters. Our employees have, globally, over 400 man/years of specific experience in the production of cosmetics! The company’s know how is widespread and about half of the employees participate in weekly meetings of planning and activity control. Security and safety is an absolute priority and in 35 years there have been only 5 incidents, none of them with serious consequences. There have been no cases of illness originated from the working environment. We have a proud history of loyalty within the company: in the past 10 years there have been only 3 resignations.