Italcosmetici is a certified production:19 employees in charge of production and logistics, 9 of whom are women. The company’s average seniority is over 15 years. Italcosmetici activities are certified ISO 22716 since 2014 and ISO 9001 since 2013. Production is articulated in three departments: emulsions, powders and filling/packing. The emulsions department makes use, among other things, of 17 fusers with mixer (5-150 kg), 3 fusers with turbine (12-100 kg) and 4 turbo-emulsifiers (8-150 kg).

The powders department employs 1 rod mill (over 300kg of productive capacity per day), 13 powder mixers, 2 moist powder mixers, 4 coating pans and 3 ovens with a daily productive capacity of over 200kg per day of powder balls or 80/100 kg per day of powders. The packing department uses several filling machines (6.000 pieces per day), as well as one automatic machine for lipsticks (2.000 lipstick per hour), and 8 semi automatic compactors.

The productive activity undergoes constant quality controls that employ 3 people full time. In 2015, Italcosmetici have managed almost 500 orders from 40 clients located in 24 different countries. Logistic activity has transferred 120 tons of merchandise in over 300 international deliveries. Despite the recent dimensional growth and the increase in volumes of activity, the productive and logistical capacity of Italcosmetici maintains the ability to develop personalized solutions for each one of its clients.